Quick Update: Recording/Solarfest

Here’s a very quick update before I head off to Vermont for the Solarfest Singer/Songwriter showcase (it better be quick, i have to leave in 20 minutes!)

I promised updates on recording, so here you go!

All the songs but one on the original list of songs to record for this project are recorded. At least good enough to be guide tracks. A lot has to be sorted out still in the editing and listening and mixing stages before we know what we’ve got and how to move forward, but forward progress is happening, and that’s what’s important!

There’s definitely at least one more recording session penciled in to get second good takes of some of the songs, at which point RDC will be unleased upon them all (he’s already done a lot of work engineering, helping me arrange and doing some early mixing) and we’ll see what we have.

Originally I wanted to do this so I had something to bring with me to Solarfest, but upon beginning the undertaking, I realized I didn’t want to rush and wanted to make sure I created something to be proud of.

So that’s what we’re doing. Working on it continuously in big and little chunks and being flexible as to the approach we take and the songs that make it on.

This is the sixth album I will have recorded with RDC (my dad) and every one has been a learning process and a refining of our recording relationship and skills. This will be my first solo album since 2005! This is also the first recording project we’re doing in our new studio location, which is very exciting. To me, feeling like we’re a step closer to establishing that space as a working studio is even more heartening than the recording itself.

I am so pleased to be able to do this though, and I look forward to having a bit of my music that you all can take with you.  It looks like this fall both Maurizio and I will be able to tell people at shows, “We have CDs!”

His CD continues forward as well, and it’s a much more involved process than mine, as Maurizio is creating a full-production studio album! I’ve heard the instrumental tracks and they are fantastic. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who may have seen the posts of his that I shared regarding his Kickstarter campaign to fund the album and who went and gave. I’m glad I was able to help in some way beyond just giving myself, and sharing the posts would have done nothing if you hadn’t seen them and taken action. So thank you.  It will have been worth it.  That album is going to be nothing like your average ‘local release.’  It’s going to be a great, pro-level, rockin’ disc.

That’s it for now, I suppose. It’s ten minutes to liftoff here in Chapland. . .(that means my mother – who I’m travelling to Solarfest with – has the car packed and is ready to go!) I plan to post more upon returning about how I’m recording, how Solarfest went, and about how great I think the musical conversation I’m creating with Maurizio is.

Till then, don’t forget to watch out for deer and always bring an extra tuner.


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